CHANGHONG air conditioner Company, with investment of USD 130 million, is one of the best household and business air conditioner manufactures in Asia. CHANGHONG manufactures a wide range of air conditioners, including window-type, split-type, floor standing type, VRV, cold water-type,and commercial-type with an annual production capacity of 5,800,000 units. In addition, CHANGHONG has automatic spray-paint production lines, plate-metal processing lines, injection machine, heat exchange assembly lines, special shape bend pipe processing lines, automatic assembly lines, automatic transmission lines and air logistic transmission lines.

CHANGHONG Air Conditioner Company owns leading pre-assembly equipments and the best R&D and quality inspection system in the world. Also, CHANGHONG establishes the co-labs with many famous overseas enterprises. The balanced ambient room type calorimeter lab, which costs USD 700.000, is top of the world.

The professional technology team leaded by doctors makes the digital inverter, eco-friendly technology, intelligent technology, super-low noise and healthy airflow control in the leading position.

Since 1999, CHANGHONG began to deliver air conditioner to many countries and regions. It has become the leading brand in many countries. Meanwhile, CHANGHONG has export air conditioner manufacturing technology to Algeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

CHANGHONG owns 3 production bases respectively in Sichuan, Guangdong province in China mainland and one overseas factory in Pakistan.

Maintaining the competitive advantage in the domestic market, CHANGHONG also exports its products to over 100 countries and regions, such as Algeria, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Europe Union, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, South Africa, etc. It passed the certificates of UL, CE, CB, TUV, CCIB, etc. CHANGHONG also established subsidiary companies in Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Dubai, America, altering successfully from products export to technology and capital’s output. Subsequently, the company’s global arrangement is being under the implement steadily.