Smart AC Advanced Technology


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Precise Temperature Control0.1du.png

In air conditioning industry, inverter air conditioner temperature control deviations are generally more than 1℃. The room temperature can not be adjusted and controlled precisely. Human body temperature sensing comfort index is not very high.    While regarding CHANGHONG 0.1℃ precise temperature control air conditioner, with high precise intelligent sensor, it can automatically endure 0.1℃ accurate temperature control valve for indoor space. Besides, it can adjust the indoor temperature to be always within the best comfort range by detecting the subtle indoor temperature change.

Generation C-shaped Evaporatorcshape.png

CHANGHONG air conditioner adopts the third generation C-shaped evaporator, which utilizes the air-driving flow theory. Smooth outer and inner face of the evaporator can guarantee a well-proportioned distance and fluent airflow between indoor crossflow fan and heat exchanger, thus avoids the whirl of airflow and reduces the working structure, the C-shaped evaporator can increase the heat exchanging area by 15-30% and rise the energy efficiency by 12-25%.


Cold Plasma

Cold plasma is a device that ionizes the air by positive and negative high voltage electrodes simultaneously. Through air ionization, it can reduce dust, relieve stress and improve immunity.